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Jemco Pop Up Display System for Trade Shows:

Answer: What is a Pop Up? Pop Up Dictionary Definition
Pop Up Display: A portable display which has a 'pop up and open' framing with attaching panels and/or graphics. They can be free standing and tabletop.

Jemco Banner Pop Up Display
Banner Pop Up
Jemco Table Top Pop Up Display
Table Top Pop Up
Jemco Pop Up Panel Systems
Pop Up Panel Systems
Jemco Floor Standing Pop Ups
Floor Standing Pop Up
"Jemco Pop-Up, the dependable work-horses of the display industry, with a proven track record won on the testing floors of trade shows world wide." Jemco Modular Pop Up Displays
Modular Pop Up

The frames are manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum tubing rivets, with Texan hubs for fight-weight strength and durability. The panels are made from top quality fabrics, substrates and laminates for strong lasting colour and long life.

All Jemco Display hardware is guaranteed for as long as you own the system. Jemco Pop-Up Display Systems are designed around the needs of the active exhibitor. Combining maximum visual impact with quick easy setups, the systems are light weight and easily portable. Overall, many of our displays fit into one or more easily transportable light-weight supercases, that conveniently fit into a car's trunk and travel as passenger luggage with most airlines.

Even fairly complex custom systems can be put up by a single person very quickly, allowing the booth staff to set up their own display and take maximum advantage of their limited resources away from home.

The fabric on the display panels has the following characteristics:

  • Flame Spread Rate = 25
  • Fuel Contribution Factor = 15
  • Smoke Density Factor = 20
  • Class A Standard Wall Covering

    Pop Up Display Booths are truly portable. Once the framing is raised and locked into position, the attaching panels are easily unrolled and attached into place.

    Pop up displays use button magnets to attach panels to the pop up channel bars and frame.

    Pop up display booths include tabletop and free standing models. Panels attached to the Pop Up can be either fabric or full graphic mural display panels.

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    What do Pop Ups look like?

  • Pop Up Displays Jemco View Here...
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    Pop Ups are simply that: they PopUp! They are lightweight and easy to carry. The pop up trade show booths and kits are easy to pack, to unpack and transport. The pop up framing is extremely durable. You can choose fabric colors to perfectly match your trade show motif.

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