MEGA Sized Banners from DHQ!

DHQ's huge fabric banners are now joined by our new Solv-it! Solvent print process. Our new state-of-the-art welding capabilities open up Huge banner opportunities.

How Big?
Any size fabric or vinyl with a seamless look!

Vinyl or Fabric
20ft x 100ft? Yep, we've got 'em.
50ft x 200ft? You just let us know the size.
The applications are everywhere. Indoors and outdoors, huge banners are everywhere. Just look out for your customers needs and then look to Optima for the most competitive quotes and the highest quality Monster banners!

What is Solv-it! Printing?

Solv-it! printing is a process that utilizes outdoor ink. Solv-it! banners are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Featuring 12 months plus outdoor use with zero to minimal fading. Solv-it! is the best solution for great quality large outdoor banners.

What is Banner Welding?

Our welding capability utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to join already large separate graphics. Welding can turn your large banners into monsters! Large 13 oz. Vinyl or Mesh banners can become even larger when welded together. Banner welding is accomplished by "melting" the edges of the individual pieces to create one. After the banners are merged together great pressure is applied creating a strong bond. Extremely large banners are then sewn together for additional reinforcement. The result is a seamless look in both cases.




Solv-it! 13oz.
A 13oz. single sided vinyl banner material with gloss finish. Primarily for outdoor use but also great for indoor applications.

Solv-it! Mesh
A 9oz. single sided vinyl banner material with matte finish. Primarily for outdoor use but also great for unique styled indoor applications.

Print size:
Any size composed from 10ft. sections. Individual pieces 120" max width by fall. Welded with sewn reinforcements.

Finishing Options:
Standard edges, pockets and grommet options combined with welding and sewn reinforcements.

Product Highlights:
- Large, Large Monster Banners
- Low Cost
- Extremely Durable
- Great Print Quality/Vivid Color
- Indoor/Outdoor Applications
- 13oz. Vinyl & Mesh Options
- Temporary, Short term & Long term use
- 12 Months Plus Zero to Minimal Fading